Stay Cool with Our AC Repair Services in Stittsville

If you live in the Stittsville or Kanata area and need automotive air conditioning repair service then you’ve come to the right place. We handle all makes and models of vehicles and are a Warranty Approved Service.

We can do annual inspections or emergency car AC repair in Stittsville. All our work is done by professionals and is guaranteed.

Regular maintenance is important. It is far better to have your system checked annually to keep it running properly than to have it fail in the dog days of summer when the heat and humidity soars.

WHY NOT GIVE US A CALL AND BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY. It’s always best to keep your cool!

Air Quality

Have you ever thought about the air you and your passengers are breathing in your car?

Harmful allergens are living and thriving inside the ventilation system and passenger cabin of almost every vehicle on the road. You may be endangering your health without even knowing it.

Every time you turn on the fan, harmful spores and other microorganisms are blown into the passenger compartment and into the air you and your passengers are breathing.

Every day harmful airborne particles including vehicle exhaust, fine road dust, pollutants and greenhouse gases are drawn in through your car’s fresh air vent.

Ask us about our in-car air quality products!

Auto Repairs

We are dedicated to getting you home safe and sound.

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